Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Love Is In The Air"

Original oil painting on canvac board
I was inspired by a photo in an ad I received from a hotel in Milan. When I saw the photo, of 2 lovers kissing on a street that turned out to be in Paris, I had to paint it. The photographer was Robert Doisneau. He took the photo in 1950. It is called, "The Kiss", and is an icon for, "Paris, the city of love"! It was a black and white print, but in the eyes of someone in love, all the color can be seen by their imagination. I used only the central figures, the lovers kissing, the rest is my own.
8 x 8



martinealison said...

Une très belle interprétation... C'est vraiment extraordinaire d'épouser l'art du photographe avec celui du peintre... Les résultats sont surprenants et en bien !
gros bisous

sharon jonas said...

Your work just keeps getting better and better. I especially like this painting, just brought his book home from the library and remember this photo well. Great interpretation.